Introducing: Campaign Monitor and Integration

A few months ago, we introduced the ability for you to link up your Dropbox account to FeedPress so you can receive a text file summary of your feed subscribers. We also introduced the ability to link your Mailchimp account to FeedPress, so that as your needs grew, you could seamlessly switch over and let it manage your newsletter.

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Why Feed Readers Need to Identify Their User Agent

Ever since Google Reader’s demise last year, a slew of new RSS reader services have been come to market, whilst older more established products like NetNewsWire have been given new life. The vast array of choice in services consumers can choose from is impressive. Many of these have slightly different approaches to how one consumes news, such as Feedly and Digg, which break away from the older approach of just subscribing to and displaying a list of feeds — not unlike treating RSS like email.

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