Why Feed Readers Need to Identify Their User Agent

Ever since Google Reader’s demise last year, a slew of new RSS reader services have been come to market, whilst older more established products like NetNewsWire have been given new life. The vast array of choice in services consumers can choose from is impressive. Many of these have slightly different approaches to how one consumes news, such as Feedly and Digg, which break away from the older approach of just subscribing to and displaying a list of feeds — not unlike treating RSS like email.

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Introducing FeedPress

Since October of last year, we’ve helped thousands of bloggers and podcasters track their RSS feed subscribers and deliver their content to numerous social networking platforms that they rely on. We are pleased to now serve more than 30 million requests per month and are trusted by popular sites such as Beautiful Pixels, The Brooks Review, and Mule Radio Syndicate. As we’ve grown, it’s high time we re-launched and re-branded. URI.LV was intended to be a temporary name. It simply does not roll off the tongue easily. Today, we’re exceedingly happy to present to you FeedPress. We have spruced up the website and have given it a responsive design. If you visit your stats page on a smartphone, it should flow nicely. For iOS users, you can tap your bookmark button and add FeedPress to your home screen (it sports a nice Retina ready icon).

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