Improving Your Podcast Interview

Interview style podcasts are common place today but not everyone is a good interviewer. It takes sharp skills to be a good interviewer and there’s no shortcut to being great: it takes years of practice. In this article I provide a few tips to help sharpen your interviewing skills.

Tips for Podcasting on A Schedule

If you have co-hosts and even guests, you need to work with everyone’s schedule. This can be trying at times, so consider doubling or tripling up on some episodes and bank those for a rainy day. Sometimes life gets in the way, so when the day comes that something urgent prevents you from being able to record, you’ll have an episode of your podcast ready to go.

Writing on A Regular Schedule

If you’ve been reading our blog since June, you may have noticed we’ve been sticking to a more reliable schedule of publishing an article every Monday. I set out to change our mindset here at FeedPress because I was starting to feel not only bad about going for long stretches of time with no updates. Before writing on a regular basis, sometimes I wouldn’t post anything on the blog for 4-6 months until we had some new feature to announce.

Why You Should Leave FeedBurner

If you’re still on the languishing FeedBurner, you should seriously consider switching away from it. Both Maxime and I used to use it for many years, even before Google acquired the product. It was the best way to keep track of your RSS subscribers, though it did have some frustrating limitations. When Google acquired it, like many of you, we hoped it would be overhauled–sadly, this never happened. The years rolled by and FeedBurner became stagnant and at times, even less reliable under Google’s ownership.