Podcast Publisher: Specify Publish Date And Time in Your Posts

Available today on our Podcast Publishing system, you can specify a publish date and time on posts. This was a requested feature and is something we wanted to get into v1 of the podcast publisher system but didn’t get to. Customers requested this as it’s an expected feature in a CMS, but also because it’s […]

Review: Changes To Your Feed Dashboard

Over the last couple of months, we’ve made some changes to the feed dashboard you should know about. An overwhelming majority of customers have responded positively to the new changes and improvements with podcast feed creation, importing feeds, and feed merging.

Introducing: Podcast Feed Creation And Publishing

This morning we shipped something we’ve been working on for months. Maxime and I contained our excitement while we worked on it in conjunction with keeping up with other smaller features we’ve released—so you wouldn’t be bored. This release is mainly about podcast creation and publishing, which required a lot of new code and reworking of how we handled RSS feeds. We also snuck in a very useful feature, which some of you from time to time have asked: feed merging (more on that in a bit).