Introducing: Automated FeedBurner Migration

Last year we released a detailed video tutorial for users that wanted to move their feeds from FeedBurner to FeedPress. The migration process, though fairly simple, requires numerous steps that have to be done in a particular order (kind of like moving domain names from one registrar to another). We didn’t want to settle with having a tutorial that was good enough, so today we’re announcing a new automated migration tool.

Maxime worked on this for a while and during the beta testing process, we were able to get it to work reliably. All that’s required is that you enter your Google credentials (which we don’t store) and follow the prompts. The migration tool walks you through the entire process, while telling you exactly what it’s about to do before it happens. Within a couple of minutes, you should have your feed, newsletter, and feed subscriber data ported over to FeedPress.

To get started, on your feed dashboard, click the migration link as seen below.

FeedBurner migration

Login credentials

After entering your credentials, we attempt to retrieve the list of feeds in FeedBurner. You can migrate just one or choose to migrate all feeds.

List of feeds

After importing your feed, you can select a custom alias to uniquely identify that feed.

Specify an alias

You should see a confirmation that everything went smoothly and you will want to enable the permanent redirection from FeedBurner before you continue.

Final step


If you’ve been sitting on the fence about moving your feeds to our service, we hope this migration tool will give you the confidence to make the switch. If you run into any issues while using it, please contact support so we can give you a hand.

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