Introducing: Mailchimp Integration for Newsletters

When we initially built the newsletter feature for FeedPress, we intended it to be a simple companion for those wanting a simple way to deliver RSS feed updates via email.

Some of you may think that newsletter are a thing of last century, but it turns out they’re quite relevant and still very popular.

Starting today, we have made Mailchimp integration available for free. You can switch it on by going to Newsletter > Mailchimp. Doing so affords you the flexibility to create completely bespoke email templates that contain your own unique branding.

To start, head over to your Mailchimp account settings to grab your API key. Enter the key into the API key area, and choose the appropriate mailing list to link to FeedPress. Once you switch it on, your existing subscribers will sync with your Mailchimp account.

About the author

Alex Knight. Is Product Manager at FeedPress. He lives in Vancouver, Canada, and is passionate about building awesome things that people enjoy, writing, podcasting, and audio production. He has 10 years of experience in SaaS in various web, marketing, publishing, analytics areas. Alex is also a student of Radio Broadcasting & Entertainment at BCIT.


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