The Company


We are a Web company with our own high-availability server infrastructure. FeedPress was first made in october 2012 for our own websites (we're well-known for websites like FMyLife and its french equivalent Vie de merde — more than 3M visits per day), we have more than 400k subscribers and didn't see FeedBurner as a viable service anymore.

While we hope to make nice money out of FeedPress, we don't depend on this service to feed our cats so we won't kill it just because it didn't grow fast enough. We want to make a nice service for nice users.

Meet The Team

Meet the people behind FeedPress.

Maxime Valette, Chief Executive Officer

Maxime Valette

I'm a self-made Web developer, sysadmin and entrepreneur. I founded my first Web company at the age of 15 and sold it three years later. Then I co-founded Beta&Cie and built the entire server infrastructure along with high traffic websites.

I've created FeedPress and built all the technology that powers it. My goal is to make the best tools to track your readership the easiest way possible.

Alex Knight, Product Manager

Alex Knight

When I was 19, I started my first company with the sole purpose of manufacturing bespoke turn-key digital audio workstations for musicians (DAWs as they're more commonly referred to). With an entrepreneurial background and 10 years experience in product development, marketing, and customer service, I've been helping people improve internal processes to help scale small team businesses.

With FeedPress, I'm really excited to be part of a great product and team. Business experience aside, as an independent creative person — namely musician, writer, and publisher — FeedPress scratches my own itch of being able to see how large my readership is.